Rejuvenating a neglected yard might need a little more work than a well-maintained one. Regardless of your weather, you should find the right way to care for your neglected lawn.

Utilizing a free-standing garden shed is a great way to keep your yard clean and uncluttered. If you’re wondering how to clean up a neglected yard, follow these four simple yard cleanup tips to keep your backyard in pristine condition.

    1. Rake Up Leaves and Debris

    It’s not surprising for neglected yards to accumulate a lot of leaves and debris over the seasons. So the first thing to do is grab a rake and remove all the leaves and debris from your lawn. Pull out any weeds or solid waste you may encounter while raking.

    2. Trim Trees and Bushes

    The second step on the list is to trim overgrown trees and bushes. While these plants can boost your exterior’s aesthetics, they can equally become eyesores if not well maintained. Get the appropriate equipment and cut back those outgrown trees and branches that appear dead or are hovering over walkways.

    3. Address Aggressive Weeds

    Invasive weeds can be a significant issue in your garden. Utilize good gardening practices to get rid of them once and for all. To address these aggressive weeds, ensure you don’t mow too short, skip fertilization, over-or underwater, or allow mow clippings to return to your garden.

    4. Add a Free-Standing Garden Shed

    Once you clean your lawn, you want to ensure it remains tidy throughout the year. That’s why you should consider adding a free-standing shed to store your extra items, such as gardening tools and equipment, children’s toys, and pet items such as food and grooming items.

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