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When it comes to finding the best home remodeling contractor, Colorado Springs residents know they can trust Empire Roofing and Restoration. We are a local, certified and reliable in-house home renovation contractor committed to achieving customer satisfaction and excellence.

Our management team is ready to plan and effectively execute the home remodeling project of your dreams. The renovation experts at Empire Roofing and Restoration will ensure that your projects are completed with utmost care and precision. Our unwavering dedication to providing the best services possible has earned us a reputation as Colorado’s premier home renovation contractor.

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Bathroom Makeovers

Whether you are craving a new bathtub that allows you to enjoy full-body immersion or want to replace the typical shower combo, we’ve got you covered! No matter the preference, our experts at Empire Roofing and Restoration will provide satisfaction by handling your bathroom floor tiles, lighting, and wall replacements.

Colorado Springs Home Remodeling Contractors for Exceptional Services
Colorado Springs Home Remodeling Contractors for Top Renovation Services

Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you want to create more space by installing new cabinets or making your kitchen more appealing, we are equipped to handle minor and major kitchen remodeling projects. We acknowledge that your kitchen is the heart of your household, so we will get the job done faster to allow you to continue making family memories.

Whole-house Remodeling

No remodeling project is too complex for Empire Roofing and Restoration. Whether you need to remodel your home office, or garage, replace doors and windows, repair staircases or change the look of every room in your house from floor to ceiling, we are the contracting company to hire.

Colorado Springs Home Remodeling Contractors for Quality Projects

What Does a Whole-House Remodeling Project Look Like?

● Help with planning and designing
● Procurement of remodeling supplies
● Obtaining project approvals and estimates
● Demolition and debris elimination
● Updating plumbing and electrical systems

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What is the difference between remodeling and renovating a house?

Remodeling a house involves changing the structure or layout of the space, potentially adding new functions or altering existing ones, while renovating focuses on restoring or updating the existing structure without changing its purpose.

What comes first when remodeling a house?

The first step in remodeling a house typically involves planning and designing the layout and functionality, followed by obtaining the necessary permits to ensure all changes are legally sanctioned and comply with local building codes.

What are the cons of renovating?

The cons of renovating can include the potential for unforeseen expenses, disruptions to daily life, and the stress of managing contractors and timelines. Working with a professional company like Empire Roofing and Restoration can help mitigate these issues through expert project management and reliable execution.

Is it safe to live in a house while renovating?

Living in a house during renovations can be safe if proper safety measures and dust containment strategies are in place; however, it can also be disruptive and stressful depending on the scale of the renovation. When planning your renovations, take note of how long the project should take, what portions of the house will be affected during the renovation, and the reliability of your contractors to get the project done in the timeline set.

How can you avoid common and costly home renovation mistakes?

To avoid common and costly home renovation mistakes, it’s crucial to plan thoroughly, set a realistic budget, and engage experienced contractors who can foresee potential issues and manage the project efficiently. Regular communication and detailed contracts with your contractor can also prevent misunderstandings.

What adds most value when renovating a house?

Renovating kitchens and bathrooms typically adds the most value to a house, along with any updates that improve the home’s energy efficiency or overall aesthetic appeal. Empire Roofing and Restoration specializes in these high-return areas, ensuring your investment enhances both the functionality and resale value of your home.

What are the most expensive parts of a renovation?

The most expensive parts of a renovation are usually structural changes, electrical and plumbing updates, and high-end finishes and materials. Kitchens and bathrooms often represent the highest costs due to the complexity of their renovations.

What does renovating a house mean?

Renovating a house means making improvements to an existing building to enhance its appearance, functionality, or energy efficiency, often through updating fixtures, painting, and replacing or repairing outdated components.

What does it mean to remodel a house?

To remodel a house means to make significant changes to the interior or exterior structure, potentially altering the layout or purpose of rooms to better suit the homeowner’s needs or modern standards of living.

How effective is Empire Roofing and Restoration in managing home remodeling projects?

Empire Roofing and Restoration is highly effective in managing home remodeling projects, bringing expertise in general contracting and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the renovation is handled meticulously from start to finish.

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