If you are a Colorado Springs homeowner and plan to replace your roof, then you should choose a new metal roof with hail damage prevention material that can withstand the harsh weather in the state for many years without the need for frequent repairs. One roof material that tends to hold up very well in areas of the country that experience harsh weather is stone-coated steel.

Stone-coated steel shingles are made of hail damage prevention materials, by adhering a thick layer of stone or stone granules to rolled steel shingles. This combination of metal and stone creates a shingle that is strong, durable, and attractive.

Read on to learn three reasons stone-coated steel roofs are great options for Colorado homeowners.

1. Superior Hail-Damage Resistance

So many severe hail storms occur in the state of Colorado and several neighboring states each year that this area of the country has been nicknamed Hail Alley. The large, dense hail that is prone to falling in the state can easily damage a roof that is not designed with maximum impact resistance in mind.

Most stone-coated steel shingles have a Class 4 impact-resistance rating, which is a rating given to the most impact-resistant roof materials on the Colorado Springs market. While metal roofs without stone coatings are also impact resistant, they are prone to the development of dents and dings upon impact with large hailstones. Roof tiles made of only stone are prone to cracking when heavy hailstones hit them.

However, a recent investigation performed by The Roofing Industry Committee on Weather Issues Inc. (RICOWI) revealed that many stone-coated steel roofs have hail damage prevention materials that can withstand the impact of even large hailstones 2.5 inches in diameter without developing damage of any type or dents and dings.

2. Ice Dam Prevention

In Colorado Springs, ice dams can develop on any roof during a cold, snowy winter. These dams are ridges of ice near the perimeter of a roof that blocks the flow of melted snow off of it. Not only can the weight of these heavy ice ridges damage your roof and gutters, but the water that pools on your roof when ice dams are present can begin to seep through most roof types over time, potentially leading to extreme home water damage.

Ice dams typically develop in Colorado Springs when indoor heat warms the roof surface, snow melts, and the melted snow then refreezes when it hits a much cooler area of the perimeter of your roof.

Stone-coated steel roofs are less prone to ice dam formation because all well-designed metal roofs shed snow very quickly and efficiently. In addition, the high thermal resistance of stone-coated steel roofs lessens the chance of the roof surface heating up dramatically in the winter and encouraging snow to melt.

In Colorado Springs, many of these metal roofs for hail-resistance are made up of interlocking panels that join tightly together, if standing water does develop on a stone-coated steel roof, it is much less likely to seep underneath these roof panels compared to a roof made of a material that is not interlocking. 

To further limit ice dam formation, ensure your attic is properly ventilated and insulated before the cold winter arrives. When your attic is cool, snow is less likely to melt prematurely and then refreeze and form ice dams.

3. Energy Efficiency

Your choice of roof material can greatly affect your home energy bills in Colorado Springs. An energy-efficient metal roof for hail reflects the sun’s heat away from your home during the summer and properly insulates your home to keep it warmer during the winter. A stone-coated steel roof is an energy-efficient roof option. 

Metal roofs for hail are known for high solar reflectivity and thermal resistance. A roof with high solar reflectivity reflects much of the sun’s heat away from a home instead of absorbing it to help keep the home cooler during the summer. Roof materials with high thermal resistance resist the flow of heat through them to help keep your home warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer.

Stone-coated steel roofs offer many unique benefits like hail damage prevention, which make them ideal residential roof options in the state of Colorado. Contact the Colorado Springs roofing experts at Empire Roofing and Restoration to schedule an installation for a new metal roof for hail damage prevention today.