Manufacturers produce numerous roofing materials, but many people stick to the same materials repeatedly. You are likely to do the same if you don’t explore different roofing materials. For example, tile roofing might not be as popular as other roofing types, but it does have its advantages. Below are some reasons to consider tile roofing.

Long Durability

One of the best things about tile roofs is their durability. A tile roof can easily last a decade. Roofing manufacturers know this and easily give 50-year warranties for their products. Many people with tile roofs won’t have to replace the roofs in their lifetime.

One reason for the durability is that tiles, unlike other roofing materials, don’t decay easily. Insects also don’t damage tiles as they do to organic roof materials.

Energy Efficiency

Since the roof forms part of your building’s envelope, it determines how much heat can enter or escape the house. Tile has a heavy thermal mass, so it won’t let much heat penetrate inside during the summer season. During the winter season, the heavy thermal mass still works to your advantage since it traps the house’s heat inside.

Tile’s energy efficiency has three major benefits. For one, energy efficiency can help you keep your heating and cooling bills low. Secondly, energy efficiency helps to keep your house at comfortable temperatures. Lastly, energy efficiency limits roofing damage due to temperature fluctuations.

Multiple Variations

Your tile roof doesn’t have to resemble others in your neighborhood. The tiles come in a wide variety of colors and profiles. Thus, you will always get a fitting style and color irrespective of your house’s architectural design. You don’t have to compromise on your roof’s curb appeal to enjoy the benefits of tile.

Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly materials or systems don’t harm the environment as much as other materials. Tile is a good example of an eco-friendly material since:

  • The material is durable, so it doesn’t go into landfills often
  • The material is durable, so manufacturers don’t have to produce replacement products often
  • The material is energy-efficient, so it helps conserve energy
  • You can recycle the materials, for example, by crushing and using them in road construction

Don’t forget that the raw materials for tile manufacturing are a sustainable resource.

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