The gutter that runs along the edge of your roof is responsible for an important task. Although they may seem like a cosmetic feature, they are essential to the structural stability of your house. Gutters help prevent water damage by steering water away from the exterior of your home.

Why Do I Need Gutters on My House?
The main purpose of gutters is to prevent water damage like mold, mildew, and others. It protects your home by channeling rainwater away from your siding and foundation.

A proper gutter system:

• Prevents water damage – like rot, soffit, deterioration, or mold in shingles, masonry, and fascia
• Keeps moisture away from windows and prevents condensation
• Prevents water from aligning with the foundation, which can cause erosion, and damage to your foundation or basement

How Often Should I Clean / Check My Gutters?
Experts recommend cleaning gutters once or twice yearly – typically in the spring and fall.

At the least you should clean your gutters in the fall to eliminate any extra debris and leaves. This debris can block the waterflow through the gutters. And during winter, the stuck water will freeze in the gutters and expand – causing them to swell and crack.

Also, keep an eye out for leaks around your home, as they indicate clogged gutters.

How Long Can I Expect Gutters to Last on My House?
Have you ever asked yourself, “how long do gutters last”? The good news is that gutters have a long lifespan, sometimes lasting from 20 to 50 years and up to 100 years.

The lifespan of your gutters depends on the material they are made of, if they’re professionally installed, and if they’re getting proper maintenance.

Is It Time to Replace My Gutters?
If you notice any of the following guttering problems, it’s time to call the professionals and replace your gutters:

• Leaks and cracks
• Chipping paint
• Your gutters are either overflowing or not draining properly
• Nearby watermarks
• Sagging gutters

If your gutters are giving you problems, it might be time to call in a professional. At Empire Roofing and Restoration, we have a highly experienced team to address your gutter problems.

Do you need professional services for your gutters? If so, please reach out to us for further assistance.