Wood rot can severely damage and devalue your home if left unchecked. Treating wood rot can be difficult and expensive, especially if it has already spread throughout your house. Prevention is the best approach for wood rot.

What is Wood Rot? What Causes It?
Wood rot is the decomposition of wood caused by fungi. Homeowners fear wood rots as they create structural problems like deteriorated roof decking.

Two types of wood rot are common in homes – wet and dry rot.

We are familiar with wet rots. It is a type of wood decay caused by high moisture levels. But what is dry rot on wood?

Dry rot – also known as brown rot – is a form of wood decay caused by certain fungi. It can cause discoloration, weakness, and structural damage to wood inside and outside your home.

How To Spot Rots in Your House
You must check your home routinely for signs of wood rot every year. Without experience, it can be hard to tell the difference between wet and dry rot. Here are some tips to help you spot wood rot:

• Musty Smells
• Look for a change in color, reduced size, cracks, or splintering
• Flaking Paint
• Inspect the home’s exterior for any cracks or holes
• Check for mold, mildew, or other types of fungal growth

How to Prevent Wood Rot in Your Home
Preventing rot is easier and cheaper than fixing it. To prevent wood rots, take these steps –

• Clean gutters regularly or at least once a year
• Seal any cracks around doors and windows
• Keep your roof leak-free
• Have exhaust fans installed in washrooms
• Sweep undrained water from your outdoor deck area

If you come across wood rot in your house and need to know how to stop wood rot, reach out to the professionals.

Here at Empire Roofing and Restoration, we have skilled and professionals general contractors who can handle any wood rot issues you may have and fix them. We can also help you remodel your home to repair any existing rot damage. Give us a call, and we’ll handle the rest.