Ready to transform your bathroom into a stylish oasis? Make sure to look closely at the hardware choices you make. Updating your bathroom hardware is a cost-effective way to breathe new life into any bathroom space.

New hardware for your bathroom has a wide variety of benefits. Modern eco-friendly shower heads and sink faucets look great and help save money by lowering water waste. Replacing your hardware is a great way to dispose of unwanted stains and rust spots that bring eye sores to your bathroom. Upgrading or replacing your bathroom’s hardware can even create a luxurious environment in your home that increases your home’s overall value.

Ready to upgrade your bathroom hardware? Below are a few ways to update your bathroom with complimentary hardware for your space.

1. Choose the Right Shower Head
With countless choices available, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed with the options. First off, consider what matters to you most and pick a style to match your aesthetic.

The Most Common Types of Shower Heads
● Standard Wall-Mounted
● Top-Mount Model
● Sliding Bar
● Handheld
● Aerating
● Lighted

If you are looking for the cheapest options, use standard wall-mounted shower heads with simple features. However, there are endless options available, and shower heads can have features that make showering the best part of the day. Some may prefer handheld models, which are great for bathing yourself and make washing pets or kids simple. Two-in-one options, including traditional and handheld features, are also great for those looking for a little of both worlds. Top-mount shower heads are best for those who crave a rainfall sensation or anyone who finds traditional showers too short for an enjoyable experience. Want to save costs on high water pressure? Consider an aerating showerhead. Whereas lighted shower heads come with LED lights that illuminate your shower and give a luxury ambiance to your room.

2. Choose A Faucet That Fits the Look and Ambiance of Your Home
An eco-friendly faucet can help you save utility bills. But selecting the right faucet can help complete your remodeling by adding uniqueness.

Most Common Types of Sink Faucets
● Single-Hole Faucets
● Centerset Faucets
● Widespread Faucets
● Vessel Faucets
● Wall-Mounted Faucets
● Handle Type Faucets

Single-Hole faucets are the simplest models with one handle or knob. If you want a spout and handles for hot and cold water, get the center set faucets in one unit. For more features in your sink, you can also get widespread faucets with separately installed spouts and handles. Vessel faucets are for vessel sinks which offer a taller spout. You can get wall-mounted faucets if you have freestanding vessel sinks or inset basin sinks in the bathroom. These faucets don’t need a sink but need a wall-mounted valve connection. Considering the handle of your faucet is also essential. You can get one or two handles, touchless handles, and touch-activated faucets.

3. Pick the Right Hardware For Bathroom Cabinets
You can get hardware for your bathroom cabinets if maintenance is not an issue. Between pulls and knobs, get whichever feels good to you. You can even pick both! Consider the size, color, and finishing of the hardware when shopping. Otherwise, they might look odd on the cabinets and with the surroundings.

Transforming Your Bathroom with Empire Roofing and Restoration
If you need professional assistance to revitalize your bathroom, Empire Roofing and Restoration is here to help. Whether you’re refurbishing your bathroom, replacing hardware, installing new tilework, addressing water damage, or even adding a new bathtub or shower, our experienced team can handle all aspects of the remodeling process.

From bathroom remodeling to hardware replacement, with our expertise and dedication to quality craftsmanship, Empire Roofing and Restoration can take over your plumbing hassles and transform your bathroom into your favorite room. Call Empire Roofing and Restoration today to schedule your appointment.