Whether you’ve had enough of your old furniture, dislike its appearance, or want to save money, there are always ways to freshen up your home and the furniture in it. You can get new furniture from donation centers or yard sales, or you can restyle or refurbish it to match the tone of your home.

In an ideal world, we could purchase new furniture to accommodate our every interior design whim. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the budget for this. This is why learning how to restyle and refurbish old furniture can make a huge difference. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find you have a talent for it and a whole world of changing your furniture whenever you want will open up to you.

The Beauty of Furniture Refurbishing

When restored to excellent condition, most antique furniture can appear stunning. Furniture refinishing is one method for restoring an old-looking piece of furniture.

You can fix up furniture to help give your home a fresh look at a lesser cost — frequently far lower than purchasing new furniture. This method can be a low-cost, high-impact option to modernize a home.

Moreover, it’s also beneficial to sustainable living because every piece of furniture reused or upcycled is one less piece that could wind up in a landfill.

Step-by-Step Refurbishing Tips

There are several ways to make your old furniture look as good as new. Here are some tips on how to refurbish furniture.

Every furniture refurbishing project follows the same general procedure. Firstly, you should clean and remove the hardware from the furniture piece, assess whether you need to strip or sand, and repair any damage. Finally, depending on the furniture’s condition, you can decide whether to prime and paint.

Antique woods usually require special treatment and care, particularly if you are working to keep its original appearance. To be safe, always seek a professional before attempting to do something yourself that has historic or sentimental worth.

Creative & Inspiring Ideas for Furniture Makeovers

Refurbishing is a satisfying experience that allows you to give ancient and antique things new life. You can follow some simple techniques to make a larger impact:

  • Adding new legs to your chairs, coffee tables, drawers, dressers, console tables, or sofas will give your furniture a new look.
  • You can strip the paint and apply two coats of wax to keep things basic and natural. It will restore your furniture to its original state. The wax protects the wood while also highlighting its stunning color.
  • If you love colorful, bright designs, using furniture transfers is an easy method to make existing furniture look new again. They come in a roll and are simple to use.

If reconditioning appears to be challenging, consider getting help from professionals. It will restore the luster to your furniture and is worth it to have like-new furniture that continues to hold all your memories.

Why Choose Empire Roofing and Restoration For Your Refurbishing Needs?

Refurbishing old furniture can create a new style without finding another piece to accomplish the same look. A cohesive living space can be created by combining new or restyled furniture with a room redesign.

So, are you updating your furniture and need assistance installing or replacing other features in the space, such as hardware, doors, or windows? Empire Roofing and Restoration can do it all! Contact us today to speak with a contractor about your home improvement project.